Welcome to Lake Baringo, the Lake of Seven Islands
Stay at Soi Safari Lodge, right by the shores and with stunning views of the lake
Christmas in the Sun!
Have a memorable, sunny Christmas Holiday this year at Soi Lodge
The perfect holiday destination for the whole family
Considered as one of the 'most beautiful' lodges in the The Great Rift Valley
Hang out and have great fun with the locals
Learn the rich cultures of Njemp, Turkana, Pokot and Tugen communities
Visit Devil's Island. Explore hot springs. Watch the Fish Eagle hunt!
Even more fun on boat rides to the seven islands of Lake Baringo
Enjoy the best of local and international cuisine
A perfect blend of traditional recipes and international gourmet dishes
Luxurious and elegant accomodation
Rooms with a breath taking view of Lake Baringo
Feel the warmth. Enjoy the hospitality
Hospitality like you never experienced before!
Conferences, seminars and meetings
Spacious and fully equipped conference halls and board rooms